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Trinity Full Gospel Non-Denominational Church was established April 12th, 1986 by the founder and current Overseer, Margie B. Brown. The church was then located in a small shared building with three members attending its’ first service. Six months later the membership had grown to fifty members. Trinity Full Gospel Non-Denominational Church remained in this building for approximately two years. As the congregation grew, the need for a larger sanctuary was evident. With one hundred members, we moved into a larger building. This building was soon renovated to accommodate the church needs. With the expansion of many church programs, a third renovation was necessary, and the congregation had grown to two hundred fifty members.

Our Overseer has envisioned a new Sanctuary for further growth of the congregation, and the continual building of God’s Kingdom.

Trinity Full Gospel Non-Denominational Church was opened on April 12, 1986 by the founder and current Pastor, Elder Margie Brown. The church was located on Edwards Street in a small shared building. There were 75 to 100 members that attended its’ first services. These services began with Bible Study and Prayer Meetings being held on Tuesday nights as well as having Friday and Sunday evening services. The membership grew rapidly. After six months, services were increased to include Sunday mornings. For two years the congregation continued to grow and the search began for a larger building. With 100 members we moved into our Sanctuary located on Ramsey Street. God continued to bless the church. Our membership increased to 150 members and again more space was needed. Plans were drawn up and renovations were made to one side of the building to establish classrooms and office space. Again growth triggered the extension of the church, this time we were in need of more sanctuary space and a multipurpose room which increased our capacity to 399 persons.

With the renovation, this allowed the ministry to expand to include the concentration on our Youth Program, Outreach Ministry, Children’s Church, and Vacation Bible School. A third renovation took place to create more classrooms and to establish a Daycare Center. Presently Trinity Full Gospel Non-Denominational Church has an array of ongoing programs to enhance the spiritual life of its members and friends. Our Food Program reaches many people in need; Partnership for Youth Ministry is designed to reach inner city youth as well as the youth in the church, the Bus Ministry is to facilitate transportation to services and activities, and our many auxiliaries are there to aid in the day-to-day spiritual growth.

Currently we are preparing to build our New Sanctuary, where we will be able to house 800 members that will allow the church to reach more people and implement a larger Youth Program. The new Sanctuary will include a gymnatorium. The growth of our church is on the rise and we are preparing a place for the people.

Trinity Full Gospel Non-Denominational Church.
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